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We the People of the United States of America are tired of our county's lack of action against radical terror groups who freely kill innocent civilians at will across the globe.

This is not a call of war on Islam but those who use it to justify the killing of innocents.

Give our military the power it has not had since WWII to use the full might and power of the United States military to crush them out of existence just like we did with the Nazis in WWII.

We waited to long then stop making the same mistake now. They must be destroyed at all costs.

We that sign below demand that out government take action and declare war on ISIS and any other radical terror group and unleash the full military might of the United States to help prevent the death of innocent lives of all faiths across the globe as it seems that no other country is stepping up to do it.

If we do nothing more cities like New York, Paris, and Orlando will continue to happen.

We are tired of your inaction and innocent deaths as the result. And by no means does this ask to disarm our citizens. Drone strikes and pin pricks are not working. Destroy them.

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