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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Digital Expansion DLC Package

Two years ago a game came out and it took it's respected franchise to a whole new level. That game is now officially two years old and still kicking ass today... But for 2016 we aren't satisfied with just an M1 Garand, Double XP Weekends and Hammer Week for only once a year. We want MORE. We're tired of all the same weapons and weapon variants every day, we need more content PERIOD. We also need a second campaign because the Protagonist, Mitchel stated "This was just the beginning." at the end of the game.

I personally have dreamed about this game being the BEST Call of Duty Ever... For that to happen we need more in-game content AFTER the release of the Reckoning DLC Package.

With your help at the Call of Duty Community we can make this come true. If this petition gets enough signatures and the C.E.O. of Activision (Eric Hirshberg) and the team at SHGames notices it, they can approve of it and the team at SHG can host a GoFundMe so Call of Duty fans can donate to Sledge Hammer Games to make this possible (Note: This content is only availible next gen platforms ONLY incliding Xbox One, PS4 and PC and can only be achieved if Sledge Hammer Games reaches their contribution goal from the fans of Call of Duty)... The following content is listed in the petition's second description.

P.s. This will be a whole lot better than an Addvanced Warfare Sequel. Who in the right mind would replace our beloved Exo Suits?


-More Purchaseable Persionalization Packs reprised from:
- Call of Duty: Black ops II
- Call of Duty: Black ops III
- Call of Duty: Ghosts
- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
-More Weapons from the previous Call of Duty games (Not from Black ops III or Infinite Warfare because they both take place after the events of AW)
-More Standard Maps
-A Second Season Pass (With Remastered Maps from previous and present Call of Duty games and exclusive content for owners. Can also be purchased seperatly)
-Additional Avatar Customization, Includes:
-Removable Exo Suit to allow more Boots on the Ground playstyle
-Seperate Torso and Vest Customization
-Fully Customizable Bots in Private Match allowing more custom modes to be made.
- Customizable Camos, Reticules and Calling Cards in:
-Exo Survival
-Exo Zombies (Starting Weapons non-upgraded)
-More Weapon Variants with multiple attachments (Like the ASM1: Speakeasy and Royalty with it's foregrip and Extended Magazine)
-Dark Matter Camo
-DLC Maps in Exo Survival (Season pass or Map packs required)
-Atlas Gorge
-Chop Shop
-Site 244

Console Based DLC Exclusives

Xbox One, Xbox One S, Project Scorpio:
-30 Days Early Access if purchased
-15% off the price of this content
-Purchasable Regular Supply Drops at 1/3 the value of Advanced Supply Drops

-Playstation VR on the singleplayer mission 'Throttle'
-Purchasable Regular Supply Drops at 1/3 the value of Advanced Supply Drops

-COD Points to allow Purchasable Advanced Supply Drops
-Purchasable Regular Supply Drops at 1/3 the value of Advanced Supply Drops

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