School Trustees, Greater Victoria Board of Education

Since 1991, the Victoria School Board has cut $28.9 million from services in our district.

Victoria School Trustees are scheduled to approve the 2009/2010 School Board budget on April 15. Since the 1990s, costs have outrun provincial funding. Schools have been closed, school lands sold off, classes over crowded, and user fees increased. Our children and our community should no longer accept these cuts. What’s more, with the economy in recession, we need stimulus spending and investment in our future, not frozen budgets. It is now time for our elected Trustees to take a stand and submit a Restoration Budget.

More information is available at: www.vpec.org

We support a Restoration Budget.

We strongly encourage our elected Greater Victoria School Trustees to stand up against provincial underfunding and submit a budget that restores all cut services.

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