California Lesgistators
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California still has one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation. This results in serious implications for the teens, tax payers, their children and the community. 22% of teens giving birth in California had given birth previously. Up to 80% of parenting and pregnant teens drop out of high schooland aquire less skills to be self-sufficient. The majority of teen parents depend on welfare. Unemployment rates are high for teen parents. Medical complications, due to their age, and poor prenatal care are contributing to the high cost of our health care system.

Billions of dollars in State and Federal money is spent on teen pregnancy related issues.

We, the undersigned, request California Lesgistators to assign a day set aside each year for teen pregnancy prevention day in all high schools in California to promote more awareness among California teens. We are confident that our state legislators will have no difficulty in poresenting and approving this legislation.
This petition will be mailed to legislators by March 10,2003. If you support this proposal for California Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day, please add your signature below.

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