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California’s average per gallon price of gasoline reached $3.21 on Monday Nov. 6, 2017, or 12 cents higher than in Hawaii, which previously had the priciest gasoline, according to the fuel tracking website GasBuddy.com.

California’s gasoline prices have topped Hawaii’s since Nov. 3, 2017, according to the website.
Since the end of October, California’s per gallon gasoline prices have risen by 18 cents,

DeHaan said the remaining six cents are from a nationwide uptick in the wholesale price of gasoline. He said that was tied to a hike in oil prices, caused by U.S. refineries reducing production during maintenance season, as well as concerns about OPEC extending oil production cuts.

Severin Borenstein, an economics professor at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, agreed California’s gas tax hike is responsible for the majority of the recent price spike.

"We were already very nearly the most expensive, and now it looks like we are the most expensive,"

California drivers continue to pay a 20 cent per gallon "mystery surcharge" tied to a refinery explosion in Southern California. Prices typically go up in a state after a refinery disruption but then return to normal a few months after. For unknown reasons ...
Gas tracking websites showed California’s already high prices had vaulted above Hawaii’s as the most expensive in the country, reaching $3.21 on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, about 12 cents higher than Hawaii’s.

California, now has the highest gas prices in the nation. Tell the people that represent you that you want a change.. “WE THE PEOLE WANT LOWER TAX ON THE GAS WE BUY”

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