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United States of America

In 2008 President Obama promised to usher in an era of hope and change. California is hurting under a 101% debt-to-GDP ratio, $4 average gas price, high unemployment rate and unresolved housing crisis. Another four years of Obama will seal the disastrous transformation of America.

We need a true leader determined to uphold conservative values, our freedoms and small government. Please sign our petition to tell Sarah Palin that her leadership is badly needed in Washington DC.

Let her know that she has the grassroots support to defeat Barack Obama and his socialist agenda.

We, the Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement, are asking you to join us in our efforts to draft former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a write-in candidate in the great state of California. It is not too late. The filing deadline for a write-in candidacy in your state is May 15, 2012. (Note: This petition is for registered voters of California only.

We need to replace Barack Obama and his disastrous socialist agenda but "the challenge is not simply to replace him in 2012 but the real challenge is who and what we will replace him with." Another four years of Obama will seal the disastrous transformation of America.

We need a proven leader who can bring about sudden and relentless reform to dismantle crony capitalism and the permanent political class in our nation’s capital.

Mitt Romney cannot be trusted. California deserves better. America can do better.

Let Sarah Palin know that We The People are now CALLING her to serve.

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Movement

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