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Do you get up at 5:30 am or so to the noise of twin engine turbo prop aircraft? Would that noise and the aircraft, sound and look like the aircraft in the accompanying photo..
If your answer is yes, join us in the accompanying petition to the Government of Canada and the Federal Minister of Transport so that we can have the department issue night time flight restrictions for this class of aircraft. It’s time to put a stop to noisy early morning flights over West Calgary by turbine powered aircraft.

Noise abatement at the Toronto city airport is achieved by having a “no fly period “between 11:00pm and 6:45am. We believe the same guidelines should apply to Calgary for this particular class of aircraft because of its huge noise pollution.. Breaking news--The City of Dorval has just initiated a petition addressed to the Government of Canada to stop night time flight operations at the PE Trudeau Intl Airport.

The aircraft is a Swearingen Metro II Liner in early morning cargo parcel service and departs for the interior of British Columbia most business days of the week. One of the aircraft is owned by Carson Air and cargo parcel services are being provided for Fedex and others. The aircraft does a full throttle climb over west Calgary impacting some 3000 to 5000 residents for each mile it flies over the city. The noise relentlessly permeates a residential household probably because of its huge 1100 hp un-muffled engines with turbo propeller noise as well. The drone of this aircraft can be heard long before the aircraft appears.

The Calgary Airport Authority will advise you that this type of aircraft complies with present noise suppression regulations and the operator is entitled to fly over the city of Calgary at a minimum of 2000 feet any time of the night or day. This has to stop.

This kind of noise pollution can’t be allowed to continue in a growing city as large as Calgary. This particular older generation aircraft is well known in the industry for its noise production. We need a change of regulations to limit the use of this type of aircraft to daylight hours and prohibiting its night time use where it flies over thousands of residential homes.

This Petition is about People before Parcels.

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The Government of Canada prefers signed paper petitions and petitions collected will be presented to the House of Commons by a Calgary Member of Parliament. Please download the paper petition form here and mail it to P.O. Box 62012, Hawkwood, Calgary-T3G 5S7. Or e-mail the author for pickup at ellefsoj@telusplanet.net.

Please also sign the electronic petition below. It will be used to monitor our support and convince the Minister of the interest in night time noise abatement at the Calgary Airport.


WHEREAS: certain class of older aircraft flies over Calgary proper at night time.

WHEREAS: Unmuffled older aircraft with turbo propeller engines generate excessive noise impacting 3000 to 5000 Calgarians per mile, as they fly over the city proper.

WHEREAS: Greater Toronto Airport has nighttime flight restrictions for noise abatement purposes, Calgarians too would like similar consideration to enjoy the peace and quiet of their nighttime residential neighborhoods.

We the undersigned residents of Calgary, Petition the Government of Canada through the Department of Transport to restrict the hours of operation of un-muffled Turbo prop aircraft at the Calgary Airport (including but not limited to Swearingen Metro Liners-SW3/SW4/SW5’s) to daytime hours being 7:00am to 11:00pm, through application of specific regulations for this class of aircraft.

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