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Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts

Byron Bay Organic Doughnut Company makes the most delicious doughnuts you'll ever taste - for anyone who has waited in a line of 20+ people for one of these hot, fresh, organic doughnuts can attest to this - if this isn't enough to win you over - They have 1000+ facebook fans - the people have spoken, with numbers like that they've gotta be good, right?

I'm a longtime fan of the company. I became vegan 2 years ago and in the last few years I've had to sadly walk past their van at festivals and markets, my tummy crying out for one of these yummy treats.

They're already organic and the ingredients are minimal (keeping it simple keeps it tasty, right?) but the company is only one ingredient off becoming completely vegan. The doughnuts contain butter.

With the amount of a good, organic margarines with no transfats/hydrogenated oils on the market, it's not hard or more expensive to replace.

With this small change doughnuts would be available to vegans! And as vegans know - it's hard to get vegan doughnuts...it's nearly impossible to get great vegan doughnuts....but hopefully not for long :)

So we're asking Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts to please bin the butter, it's not needed.

Dear Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts,

Please consider replacing the butter used in your doughnuts with a nondairy substitute so they can be enjoyed by the constantly growing vegan community :)

Thank you,

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