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In order to participate in any International Badminton Tournament, players need to submit their entries to the Badminton World Federation (BWF) through their national association.

But in many countries, the national associations create unjustified obstructions and refuse to submit entries of their players for international tournaments. As a result, independent players suffer a lot. Many times, the national association does not permit a player to partner a foreigner in doubles event and hence, reject his/ her entry. The famous incident of the Chinese Badminton Association blocking Cai Yun's request to partner Mathias Boe of Denmark for Singapore Open and Malaysia Open in March 2016 is a perfect example in this regard. To add to all this, Badminton is an individual sport. How can the national association decide whether an individual can play an international tournament or not? Players must have the freedom to enter themselves individually into tournaments.
Badzine has published a wonderful article on this subject which can be viewed here:

So, we are here to request the BWF to allow players to register themselves independently for tournaments by logging into the Tournament Software website. This trend is being successfully practised by other racket-sports such as Tennis & Squash.

Currently, there exist 7 grades of BWF affiliated tournaments. Following ranking system may be used to determine the eligibility of a player for a particular grade of tournament:
1) Future Series & International Series: All players irrespective of world ranking must be allowed to participate.
2) International Challenge: Players who are in top 750 of the world ranking list must be allowed to participate.
3) Grand Prix & Grand Prix Gold: Players who are in top 500 of the world ranking list must be allowed to participate.
4) Super Series & Super Series Premier: Players who are in top 300 of the world ranking list must be allowed to participate.

We, the undersigned players, would like to request the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to allow players to register themselves individually for international tournaments by logging into the tournament software website.

Please grant autonomy and freedom to players in this regard.

For any further discussion, please contact Mr. Nikhar Garg [BWF ID: 61905]

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Email: nikhar95@gmail.com
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Thank You.

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