Aussie public

These brands were once Aussie owned but sadly are now foreign owned.

Once they are sold to foreign interests our profits go with them to foreign countries.

We the people of Australia will support the 100% Aussie owned opposition to these brands.

We will only buy these brands when they have been fully repatriated to 100% Aussie ownership and we have our old mates back home again.

Arnotts, vegemite, Aeroplane jelly, Edgells, Birdseye, Kettle chips, Greenseas, Latina fresh, Dorato, Noble house, Tom piper, Smiths chips, Billy tea, Bushells, Streets icecream, Pauls icecream, Berri fruit juices, Pura milk, Cherryripe, Cottees, red tulip, Fountain sauce, Gravox, Allens lollies, The Natural confectionery company, Greens, Chicko, McCormick spices, John West, Safcol tuna, Kinkarra tea, monbulk jam, Andronicus coffee,KR Castlemaine,SPC,Sunbeam foods,Golden circle,Paradise biscuits.

Some people believe once a company is no longer Australian it can never be bought back. WRONG just look at the example of Rosella tomato sauce which was foreign owned for 40 years and was bought back.Our meat pie brand Four N Twenty was foreign owned but has been bought back recently.

When we support 100% Australian owned on a large scale and only purchase brands when they are bought by an Aussie company WE WILL OWN OUR ICONS AGAIN.

Please feel free to link this petition to as many websites as you can so our mates can come back home from a foreign owned company back to Aussies.

It is with great pleasure to announce the (repatriation) of Kettle chips,Cheezels,Thins,Tasty Jacks. We now have some of our mates back home thanks to The great work of The Real Mccoy snackfood company.

This means they are Australian owned again and we can now enjoy seeing Aussie icons return back to Aussie owners and make profits for Aussies.

So make sure you keep the good work going and now purchase these brands.

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