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The Town of Victoria Park

The Town of Victoria Park has released a business plan for public comment proposing to sell the land where currently Leisurelife Centre; the Library; the bowling club; various arts, childcare and community centres; and MacMillan Park are situated.

It is proposed to sell the 57,000sqm of land to LandCorp (retaining only 2700sqm for an uncertain purpose) for just over $12m. This is about $250 per sqm.

There is no commitment to retain any of the community buildings and the open space will be drastically reduced with only a small town square being maintained.

The proposal was open to public consultation over the holiday period; however, the Council has extended the closing date for submissions to 27 February 2015.

To read the Business Plan proposal document click on the website link above.

If you are a resident or owner of property in the Town of Victoria Park then you can make a submission to Council. If you agree with the position being put forward below then sign the petition and a submission will be lodged.


- I oppose the proposal in the business plan
- I ask the Town to retain a multi-sports facility in the area
- I ask the Town to retain a substantial portion of MacMillan park
- The purchase price does not reflect the real value of the land
- I would like to see the Town develop a masterplan for the site (and release it)
- I would like the plan to include residences, community facilities and park-land
- I would like proper consultation on the masterplan before it is implemented
- The Town should be re-zoning and lifting caveats to increase value before selling
- The Town needs to consult more broadly on community needs and perceptions
- The Town should investigate all options thoroughly before making a decision.

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