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Stewarton is growing rapidly each year and so demands on public transport also increase. Trains are struggling to keep up with this demand. Early morning services are often late and overcrowded. In addition, the services only run once per hour which is a massive inconvenience, especially if they are cancelled.

A recent survey which ran on stewarton.com was completed by over 40 people and showed considerable support for a bus service to be in place. With the new rail link not due to be completed until December '09, the community are calling for a bus service, even temporarily until the rail link is completed, to be available to them to ease journey pressures associated with the existing train link.

We, the undersigned, feel strongly about the lack of any bus service between Stewarton and Glasgow. We believe that train services are insufficient and there is a severe lack of choice to commuters in the area.

It is for this reason that we have come together as a community to encourage service providers to support us and recognise demand for this service.

Stewarton has grown significantly in size since the previous service was revoked, and so demand for more services has increased. This petition proves that such a service would be both financially viable and greatly welcomed by the community.

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