Arizona Corporation Commission, Chandler City Council

SRP is planning to run over 14 miles of above ground high voltage 230kv and 69 kv power lines throughout south Chandler along the Arizona Avenue corridor southbound from the Schrader station on Ocotillo and onto the Gila River Indian Community, circling back to the R28 substation on Old Price Rd.

This action will forever change our rural visual landscape envisioned in the original master plan for southeast Chandler and will negatively impact the area, decreasing home and land values.

Underground is the only acceptable option to build a new single circuit 230kv power line with co-located 69kv. Given the fact that South Chandler is a highly populated Residential area, it’s understood that the primary route should be from the Schrader Substation along the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks to the Gila River Indian Community.

Costs for this route can be amortized over time, similar to other large utility capital investment projects.

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask the members of the Arizona Corporation Commission to vote to Approve with Modification the Site Line Committee recommendation to run the proposed co-located 230KV and 69KV power lines along the railroad tracks with the modification that the lines be buried underground between the Schrader substation and the Gila River Indian Community.

These power lines, which would irreparably and forever damage the look and feel of our community, would be in close proximity to residential, church, and commercial properties and would negatively impact property values.

Additionally, be it known that any previously dismissed route alternative is no longer an option and will not be acceptable. The only route option that is acceptable to the South Chandler community is buried along the Union Pacific railroad tracks.

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