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A climate that can sustain human life is not too much to ask!

Australia, along with 196 other countries, has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement in an attempt to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. This will require rapid and far-reaching changes across all levels of government and industry - energy use, land use, transport, industrial systems, and infrastructure must all become more sustainable. In short, the way we build and live in our cities needs to change.

But Burwood Council has routinely failed to acknowledge the climate emergency. It has made no genuine commitment for our local community to pull its weight, reduce pollution and slow the threat of climate catastrophe.

It has not updated its Green Action Plan in almost a decade, and its Sustainability commitments in strategic planning documents fall dangerously short of what will be required.

Burwood Council must join the dozens of other councils taking decisive action at the local level by declaring a Climate Emergency and developing a comprehensive Climate Action Plan.

We call upon Burwood Council to take immediate steps to address the climate emergecny at the local level.

1. Council must declare a Climate Emergency
2. Council must develop and implement a Climate Action Plan to ensure that all future decisions of council are designed to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.

This will include strategies to reduce emissions through council's own operations as well as in the community, increase requirements for low carbon and energy efficient construction methods wherever local development occurs, improve tree canopy cover and grow the urban forest across our local government area, develop street-scapes that encourage walking, cycling and public transport over private cars and trucks, and improve access to open green space within our community.

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