#Human Rights
Burnley College, Burnley Council and Gordon Birtwistle MP
United Kingdom

Burnley College have in place a ban on Muslim women wearing the Niqab. This applies to all staff, students and visitors to the college.

Recently a elderly muslim woman attending the college with her daughter to discuss matters with a teacher was required to remove her veil, or the teacher would not converse with her.

Regardless of what you think of the niqab, this situation is outrageous and a clear infringement of an individual's human rights. Therefore, we all, Muslim's and Non muslims, should stand up and fight this outrageous policy to defend our right to wear what we feel comfortable in and what we believe is in line with our religious beliefs.

Amazingly the college shares the campus, with the University of Central Lancashire, who do not have such a ban. Therefore on half of the campus you are free to wear the niqab, on the other half, you have to remove it!!!

We, the undersigned oppose the ban on the niqab and Islamic face veils by Burnley College and regard it as a breach of Article 9 (Freedom of Belief) and Article 14 (Freedom from Discrimination) of the Human Rights Act 1998, and ask you as the elected representatives of the people to work towards ending this ban and upholding the rights of the community.

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