#City & Town Planning
Lake Macquarie Council

I am a new resident to the beautiful suburb that is Toronto NSW. I am a mother of four. I am employed full time in the child protection/welfare sector. It saddens me to hear that many services for our youth have shut down in the Toronto area. I along with many others believe that this family, community orientated home to many residents needs services for our young people. A skate park to encourage healthy recreational use, a youth centre and/or PCYC a safe haven, a place that can advocate for appropriate services supports and mentoring for children, young people and families. I urge you to sign this petition to show our council and local government that advocating for our young people will be heard.

We, the residents of Toronto NSW, call on Lake Macquarie Council and our local politicians to create a youth centre and skatepark for our young residents and visitors to the local area.

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