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Hon. Frank DiCicco Chairman Zoning Board of Adjustment
United States of America

The RiverWards Group, Philadelphia's Preferred Developers are seeking approval to construct a new, gorgeous mixed used development at 5th and Cecil B Moore.
We are asking residents of 19122 to come together and provide your support for this impeccable development.

The RiverWards Group is committed to safe and quality building practices, and our many projects, from workforce housing to luxury new construction, have proved to benefit all neighbors in the communities they serve.

Help us raise your property values by allowing us to contribute directly to the growth and expansion of 19122!*

Check out the Complete Plans for Our Revolutionary Project!
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*Only residents of 19122 can provide valid signatures

Hon. Frank DiCicco
Zoning Board of Adjustment
1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
MSB Building, Suite 1130
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Re: 1620-50 N. 5th Street, Calendar No. 30786
ZBA Hearing Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Chairman DiCicco:

We have been advised that the above-referenced matter comprises a proposal to construct a new mixed-use development with 57 residential units, 26 off-street parking spaces and retail spacer.

We do not oppose the requested relief and believe that the proposed improvements will benefit our neighborhood and will have no adverse effect on the surrounding community.

Thank you for the Board’s consideration of the community’s interests.

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