#City & Town Planning
Canyon De Flores Community
United States of America

• The Canyon De Flores community is long over due for a park we can all enjoy.

• The preliminary talks between the city and the school district need to be accelerated.

• The Land has already been set aside for a park southeast of the St Andrews Bridge.

• The land has also been identified in the city plan for years now. We as residents want to know what exactly is going on.

We, the residents of the Canyon De Flores residential housing community, demand action be taken to resolve the issue(s) between all parties concerned with the development of the land known as Roadrunner Park located southeast of the St Andrews bridge.

We also ask that the Director, Department of Parks and Leisure Services for the City of Sierra Vista, AZ formally put into writing the plans for building "Roadrunner Park."

We as residents demand:

- A meeting be held with the time and date published for all residents to attend and decide how the land will be developed for the park.

- The residents of Canyon De Flores require that the city furnish the same amenities that have been built in other parks in the community.

- A reasonable timetable be established to outline each phase of the project so all residents will know when each stage of the project will be accomplished.

Contact the Mayor and let him know that you demand action now!

Mayor Bob Strain
City of Sierra Vista
1011 N. Coronado Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Email: bstrain@ci.sierra-vista.az.us

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