Lexington Richland School District 5
United States of America

Chapin High School is in need of a performing arts center on campus. The task of building an auditorium on the CHS campus has been put off for forty years and needs to be dealt with now.

What better time to build an auditorium than while the campus is already torn apart for current construction and all the equipment is already there?

The auditorium will not only help the performing arts programs such as the orchestra, band, and choirs, but will also serve as a gallery where the visual arts classes can display their work year round.

We, the students, parents, teachers, and supporters of Chapin High School petition the School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties for the construction of an auditorium at Chapin High School.

We believe that an auditorium on our campus is a vital addition that will allow our performing arts programs to reach their full potential. Currently, our artists are expected to perform in the school’s gym, local churches, or find and pay for their own venue.  None of these situations are ideal in building successful, confident, and professional performing arts programs.

We would like to challenge our School Board to show their pride and commitment to our band, orchestra, choir, dance, drama, and visual arts programs by building an auditorium at the newly renovated Chapin High School.

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