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The closure of Oran Park last year has meant that the citizens of NSW, Australia and many overseas visitors have significantly lost the opportunity to participate in motor sport and driver training or simply enjoy Motorsport events in a safe environment in New South Wales. In past years NSW has lost Amaroo Park, Warwick Farm, Liverpool Speedway and Castlereagh Drag Way. Now, due to the closure of Oran Park, Eastern Creek is the only motor sport and driver training facility in the Sydney basin, the rest have closed yet the demand has never been higher and the facilities have never been more needed. Eastern Creek is booked out for 2010.

There is NOT even a round of the 2010 Australian Road Racing Championship in NSW, the promoter could not get a date from the only track in Australia that was built by the NSW Government for Motorcycle racing - Eastern Creek. There also will not be a NSW Road Racing State championship this year and there will only be three Motorcycle Road Race meetings for modern motorcycles under a Motorcycling Australia permit in NSW this year, again no track dates available. These facilities have hosted International Motorsport events, World Superbike, Motorcycle Grand Prix, Speedway GP and A1GP, these events are Televised to hundreds of millions of people around the World and powerfully promote Sydney as a Tourism and Sporting destination, this ability has also been lost.

Motoring enthusiasts and Motorcycle riders of Sydney are being disadvantaged by the lack of suitable facilities. These facilities, in the past, have catered for a wide variety of motor sport and driver training, including activities such as: driver education and training, lap dashes, super sprints, open and closed race meetings, go- karting, rally driving, motor cross, motor bike racing, drifting as well as major International motor sport meetings, ride days, media test days and public driving events. Without new facilities, thousands of businesses and people will be disadvantaged, young people will not have the opportunity to develop into future responsible and competent drivers and members of a wider community.

Where will our future Sydney based champions come from? Champions such as Mark Skaife, Mark Winterbottom, Jamie Whincup, Kevin Bartlett, Colin Bond, Wayne Gardener, Troy Corser, Darryl Beatie, Kevin Magee and the most famous of all Sir Jack Brabham, they all developed their skills on Sydney based circuits that have now gone.

The motor sport community considers, that without the creation of new facilities, significant loss will be experienced in the broader community. If government will not make funds available for all motor sport enthusiasts, then,

1. There will be no place for young people to gain driver and rider Education and a sense of community (With the redirection of funds to V8 Supercar events on street circuits, young drivers see it as OK to race on public streets just like their V8 heroes);

2. There is limited ability to showcase Sydney as a Tourist destination;

3. Many Motorsport Businesses, Dealerships and Engineering shops will close and importantly, there will be no place for people to let their aggression out except on Public roads.

We the undersigned ask that the NSW State Government immediately commence planning to build one or two additional permanent motor sport and motorcycle sport venues inside the Sydney basin.

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