#Animal Welfare
President Obama and Congress

The current shelter system is in dire need of reform and animal cruelty has increased in this country and across the globe.

Animal sanctuaries would provide animals with a kind environment, give caring people employment and educate children about treating all animals with respect.

We, the undersigned, urge that President Obama think seriously about reforming the present shelter system by building animal sanctuaries across the US.

These sanctuaries could be patterned after the Gentle Barn in California where both farm and domestic animals are cared for by a paid staff and volunteers and open to visitors.

Though the general public is aware of how exploitive and abusive both rodeos and circuses are toward animals, attendance continues because people say they yearn to have contact with animals which ordinary life no longer permits.

These animal sanctuaries would afford them this experience in a kind, peaceful atmosphere year-round for a very nominal fee.

At present, research shows that animal cruelty has increased across the U.S. and other ‘civilized’ countries. Animals matter and they are part of our communities, too. Sanctuaries such as these would reinforce that concept, particularly for children.

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