#Students' Rights
Aminta H. Breaux
United States of America

Bowie State University has allocated several million dollars worth of funds toward making the campus more aesthetically pleasing. In fact, in 2015 Bowie State sought to build a Science Nursing and Technology Building which is estimated to have cost over 107 million dollars. While some students feel that this building is a blessings, others feel that some of those funds could have been used to improve campus life. After speaking with several faculty, staff and students, I uncovered that this was a popular opinion. Many of these people believed that some of those funds could have been better suited toward the renovation of traditional housings, parking and even more so, more scholarships/grants.

We, the people of Bowie State University call on Aminta H. Breaux, Dean of Bowie State University to create more parking for commuters, residents, faculty and staff alike. With the influx of freshman, undergraduates and transfer students all who have either been forced to commute due to lack of housing or have chosen not to live in housing, there are little to no parking available for people on campus.

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