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Krispy Kreme

Peter would like a Krispy Kreme near his house (at the intersection of St Kilda and Toorak Roads) so that he can enjoy sugary delights each and every day but, even though a very politely worded email has been sent, the company refuses to take any action.

In light of this we (ie, Peter) would like your support for this motion, and hope to obtain 10,000 signatures to send to Krispy Kreme, forcing them to recant their previous decision and build a Krispy Kreme near Peter's house.

We absolutely support Peter in his quest to have a Krispy Kreme built near his house.

The Build a Krispy Kreme Near Peter's House petition to Krispy Kreme was written by Peter Hude and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.

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