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I was born in the 90's when arcades were starting to disappear. We have all heard stories about how great arcades were. My family and older friends met their best friends, lovers and surprisingly family in arcades.

I believe that arcades are the birth place of gamers and as gamers we should come together a build close knit communities of gamers. Many of the people the people that attend my school (in Brampton) have agreed that a arcade is what our great city is missing, I did a poll of one hundred vote's, 92% they want a Brampton arcade and 8% said they don't care.

When the I asked the people who participated in my pool about Playdium or Dave and Buster, a great deal of the participants said that those two establishment's don't capture that arcade feel and that they would prefer a professional arcade, what my poll has shown me is that there is a potential for profit both economically and social. This concludes why I think Brampton needs a professional arcade.

"We the resident of Brampton, call on the Municipal Government Of Brampton, to create an arcade in Brampton Ontario."

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