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Colonial Heights City Council
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Taken from WTVR:

"COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. --City leaders denied a resident the permit needed to keep all 22 of his beloved, exotic birds.

Lewis Waskey, also known as “Buddy the Birdman,” took his case before Colonial Heights City Council leaders on Tuesday night to ask for a special use permit.

Waskey said his family was surprised to learn earlier this year that Colonial Heights city code classifies birds as companion animals and forbids residents from owning more than four companion animals.

Waskey has been raising large domestic Macaws for more than a decade at his home and adjoining property. He also breeds the birds for conservation efforts and uses them for educational programs in schools and community events."

There is a reason for the saying "Birds of a feather flock together". It's important that Buddy's birds stay together not only for their health but their emotional well being. Birds can become depressed by any of the following a change in cage position, boredom, death of a partner or the loss of a favorite toy. Depression can keep a bird from eating. I have no problem with Buddy keeping his birds...all of them... and here in Colonial Heights. They are so much more than just birds. The birds...if you have ever seen them fly...can tell you more about them than I can. Buddy shares his birds with this City and I for one love them.

If you'd like to see Buddy be able to keep his birds... please sign this petition so it can be presented to City Council.

Thank you :-)

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