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Big Hit Entertainment
United States of America

There hasn’t been a single K-pop group concert that’s been in the state of Utah and we would like to change that.

This petition is made for all of the BTS ARMYs in Utah, who may not be able to travel to another state to go to the BTS: Love Yourself Tour and is willing to go.

We invite you to join this petition for the benefits of all the BTS ARMYs in Utah who are dedicated to be able to go to their concert but could not travel to another state and would love to see their idols.

We would appreciate it if you would help us out and spread the word about this petition. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on Big Hit Entertainment to set a concert in Utah for the benefits of ARMYs who may not be able to travel far away for their concert and would be willing to go. Also, for those ARMYs who wants to meet their favorite idols.

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