#Civil Rights
Brooke County School Faculty, Students & Parents
United States of America

As a parent of a Brooke County student and as an adult I am appalled at the Dress Code Policy that has is being upheld in our schools. Our children have the right to convey their individuality in speech as well as in their attire.

We as adults are more than capable of deciding what is & what is not appropriate for our children. It has been stated that any clothing that is considered unsafe, distracting, a health hazard, offensive or degrading or represent gang symbols will not be permitted.

I was not aware of any gang related issues in Brooke County and I am sure that my child’s hoop earrings are not a health hazard. Many people (which includes students) express their attitudes, in part, by their clothing. Is not "change in clothing" a warning sign for more problems? If so, how is preventing this warning a safety advantage? Is this not a lesson to our children that anybody who dresses differently than they do is a “bad person” or “doesn’t belong” and should be avoided.

There may be problems achieving the "proper work attitude" in classes these days, but mandating certain clothing seems like an ineffective indirect fix. If the faculty or school officials are not able to teach our children because they have on a tank top then our problem lies much deeper than “clothing.” I believe this is simply an attempt to mold children to the white middle class ideal.

If the local government is doing something that the state government doesn't allow, or is in violation of the Constitution, isn't it our DUTY as citizens to oppose it? Or is that just something we teach the students in government class, but don't really expect them to believe?

Finally, as the Supreme Court stressed in Tinker, school officials can regulate or ban expressive conduct by students only if their forecast of disruption rests on substantive facts, not on mere speculative fear of disruption.

We, the undersigned, call on the Brooke County Board of Education to revise the Dress Code policy.

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