Australian Government, Minister for Communications-Hon Stephen Conroy & Telstra

Currently, many residents of Delicia Road, Mapleton, QLD 4560 and bordering with the suburb Obi Obi, QLD 4574 are unable to have Broadband ADSL connected as all portals are full, and Telstra do not want to pay to have our exchange at Flaxton upgraded.

We live in a rural community, and without this level of access, we are some what isolated and unable to work from home, or communicate like most other Australians.

I have e-mailed a complaint letter to both Telstra (ts.NCMT@team.telstra.com) and also to Tasha Sandbrook of the Rudd Government (Tasha.Sandbrook@qld.alp.org.au) with the latest response on the 21st July 09 from Tasha, stating that she would forward my complaint to Hon Stephen Conroy MP , Minister for Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy for an appropriate response.

To date I have received no correspondence from Telstra or Stephen Conroy.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government and Telstra to provide Broadband ADSL to all residents in Delicia Road in the suburbs of Mapleton and Obi Obi Queensland Australia.

Land line phone numbers may be provided apon request.

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