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United Kingdom

Pupils who served and whilst serving Her Majesty Armed Forces British military should be automatically given British Permanent Residence Cards,Citizenship and be registered to Job Centre Plus, when leaving Military Forces no matter on what ground. Even if their have left the Country United Kingdom and stayed outside for years,should be able to return on Dual citizenship if from the Commonwealth countries.

Ex- Service or Service Veterans should be given assistance for atleast a British Permanent Residence Card ti be able to claim benefits and retraining to get back into UK and employment and charity and organizations should link all matters together like housing,registration for job Centre plus so we can claim for Jsa(job seekers allowances) and child minder cost and other benefits.

The government should have something in place for all Service Veterans past, presence, and today and future. We paid National Insurance contributions Tax, Paye to HM Revenue and Customs so why not link the Immigration system and also Drivers Licensing Authority DVLA to have Dual drivers License than losing our British License we attain through education in the military. Only citizens get to keep their British License so other recipients have to struggle when their have left UK to Commonwealth countries where immigration and licensing is harder to convert in other countries when they have to seek employment or education or job offers.

Service veterans should be help more worldwide and even claiming benefits like Jsa and Child cost from abroad not just EU countries but also other Commonwealth countries for those who served and contributed to N.I and served U.k, why are we not helped.

Signed this for HM Forces Service Veterans,Serving members and Dependants of the British Forces and who come from a member state country of the Commonwealth like Fiji, Australia, New Zealand. The British government should allow military service to atleast receive British Permanent Residence Cards to develop their lives in United Kingdom through military charity organization and outreach programs with the Job Centre Plus automatically getting to register our Service Veterans who served in aid to help themselves and Dependants for future relief in education training and employment capabilities for Service Veterans and Dependants and immediate families so we can invest in UK and use benefits to get full employment and housing and land registry with the council.

All this is to help us keep our status as UK has a Reserve system for Service Veterans and Dependants who signed a contract,we would also like to develop our dependants to use this to get them a better future for what Service Veterans deserve internationally and nationally or worldwide.

Getting work in the civil sector is not hard but if we spend more time abroad in education and employment we have developed a way to be assisted there as in the other country there are tonnes millions on waiting list for jobs,benefits,training and in government jobs. The circulation of people to change jobs from the military to civilians jobs or benefits can be easy but tough to run a family.

I think Service Veterans should be given British P.R. in that country their served. Cause in other countries we got equal opportunity but employers and organizations will know who served and paid tax, paye in they own country so first come to work places due to experience in own land.

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