#Human Rights
United Kingdom

Once upon a time, this country used to be called GREAT Britain. Not so Great now. Today 11/11/10 a protest was allowed to be held in which the burning of a poppy model was burnt by Muslims, brandishing placards stating "British Soldiers Burn in Hell" "Our Dead are in Paradise, your dead are in hell".

This protest was allowed to be held and to continue, while the people of Britain who wanted to protest against this were arrested and not allowed to continue. This is an absolute abomination to all men and woman of the BRITISH ARMED FORCES, Today was meant to be about remembering those that gave their lives for the greater good, to acknowledge the sacrifice children, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers give in order for the people of the world to have their freedom.

It's time for the British Culture to once again be the dominating culture of Britain, No more should the people of Britain have to be politically correct in what they do, what they say and how they live their lives, its time for us to embrace our OWN culture and OUR beliefs without the fear of persecution from the law in our own country, THE TIME HAS NOW COME FOR BRITAIN TO BE GREAT AGAIN. Not what it has become.

We, the undersigned want to the basic of human rights to exercise our own beliefs and culture without the fear of being called racist.

We wish for the Government, the people in power, to give us back our HUMAN RIGHTS, this is our country, we want our culture and our religions back, not for them to be brushed under the carpet as though they matter not, they matter to us.

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