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The radical Nationalist Trade Union Solidarity has backed workers taking action under the slogan of "British Jobs for British Workers".

Workers at the Total Lindsey Refinery on Humberside went on strike in protest at the influx of foreign workers. In particular they have protested over a £200m construction contract being given to an Italian firm which is using Italian workers. The strikers at the Lindsey refinery claim that they were not given the opportunity of applying for jobs on the IREM contract.

It was estimated that up to 1,000 contract workers staged a walk out and formed a picket line at the refinery in Immingham the following morning. In a shock move other workers from all over the U. K. including more than 1,500 Scots energy workers came out in sympathy with the strikers.

The wave of industrial unrest is set to spread further next week when nuclear power workers are expected to join more than 3,000 oil and gas workers who yesterday walked out in support of the Lindsey strikers.

Patrick Harrington General Secretary of Solidarity said "This grassroots action shows how out-of-touch the political establishment and their tame Union lackeys are. Their hollow promises have been seen for what they are and workers are taking power into their own hands."

The first reaction of the establishment Trade Unions in condemning the wildcat strikes is a disgrace and shows how far in bed they are with the Government and big business. Now they are back-tracking in the face of rank-and-file anger. We will see more of these strikes as the downturn bites and workers are forced to take militant action to defend their jobs. The feeling of many is that they have been sold-out and 'enough is enough'. We salute those who are making a stand on this vital national issue."

The mass media has sought to portray the wave of wildcat strikes as a call for full-blown protectionism. Doubtless many of the the strikers want more protectionist measures. There is a simpler alternative which could be implemented quickly.

EU law should be changed to prevent companies undercutting local wage rates by employing foreign workers. This is just a revision of an EU Directive.

Unions across the EU have been campaigning for months for a change, after two court judgments, in Sweden and Finland, which interpreted EU law to mean that firms there were permitted to employ workers from the former communist states on the Baltic coast at rates that undercut Scandinavian wages and conditions.

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