PM Boris Johnson and other UK MP's (local authorities)
United Kingdom

Cases of COVID 19 (Coronovirus) are increasing significantly in Britain but we seem unprepared.

Up to a fifth of the workforce may be off sick during the peak of a coronavirus epidemic in the UK, the government says in its latest plans.

Police may need to focus on only the most serious crimes and maintaining public order if the virus spreads.

The military could also provide support to emergency services if needed.

The government's response is in its first stage - containing the outbreak - with the number of UK cases rising from 85 today.

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It is "highly likely" the UK will see further infection, the prime minister has warned, and the next phase of government contingency planning will be to do with delaying the spread of the virus.

We the undersigned petition our British Government to prepare stronger measures to protect UK citizens.

Any schools, colleges and universities, that remain open are potential infection breeding grounds and must allow children and staff to wear protective face masks if they choose, which may not be 100%proof but can help contain virus infection.

Serious consideration should be made on the value of continuing school operations as cases of the virus increase.

Hand sanitizers should be available throughout buildings of large footfall such as schools, colleges, libraries, municipal buildings and other public or commercial arenas. Particularly in areas around handles, entry buttons, and door pushes. A hospital-style culture needs to develop.

Kitchens, gyms and other areas where shared used of equipment by many naked hands heightens the risk of infections must provide either disposable gloves or handsanitizers near source of need. Advice that antibacterial wash should only be provided near washroom sinks is woefully short-sighted.

At some point the Government will have to place an embargo on all flights to and from the UK to significantly infected nations, until a cure and/or vaccine is found to control the virus infection rate.

Better and stronger advice should be given to UK citizens explaining the risk of infection within transport carriages of trains, planes and ships.

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