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Children born abroad to British female citizens and children of unmarried British male citizens are not recognised as equals in the United Kingdom to those either born before 1983 in the case of British female citizens or those born before 2006 in the case of unmarried British male citizens. They should be treated equally with those persons who are younger and and not be discriminated on the basis of their age as it is dividing families where one siblings and children all under go various formalities some automatic and others requiring registration payment of fees , checks, and have to attend ceremonies.

See An Example of The Form for Children of British Mothers

To ask the Prime Minster and UK Government to remove the injustice towards children of British female citizens and children of unmarried British males who should be given an equal right to automatic nationality rather then have to pay fees, undergo good character tests, and ceremonies on the same basis as others born later who are automatically citizens. In many cases even their own siblings have automatic nationality while these two groups are treated differently because of their age.

This discrimination on the basis of age should be stopped by making a amendment to existing laws and not subject these persons who have close blood and family ties to the UK to undergo this separate and expensive and drawn out process and treatment regardless of whether they can pay such fees or not.

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