Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council is well behind other state capitals in providing a vertical (vert) skateboarding facility for it's skaters. Vertical ramps built by councils in other Australian cities consistently produce world class athletes that compete professionally at an international level. Brisbane City Council needs to step up and support the growth and development of it's large skateboarding community by providing an up to date vert facility.

A centrally located vert skateboard ramp in Brisbane would provide an ideal training ground for up and coming young skateboarders, amateurs, professionals and veterans. A world class vert ramp would attract national and international tourism to Brisbane through the staging of competitions, demonstrations and events.

Vert skateboarding is a healthy, athletic, competitive activity and a vibrant spectator sport perfectly suited to Brisbane's warm weather and outdoor lifestyle.

We the undersigned call on the Brisbane City Council to build a vertical (vert) skateboard ramp for the skateboarding community of Brisbane. Currently, a vert skateboarding facility is noticeably absent in the City of Brisbane.

We call on council to build a centrally located, world class, outdoor vert ramp that will support the culture and progression of 'vert' skateboarding in Brisbane.

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The Brisbane Vertical Skateboarding Ramp petition to Brisbane City Council was written by Shaun O'Connor and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.