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Parkour is a relatively new and rapidly growing international physical discipline. Brisbane is no exception to this as our own parkour community continues to expand. Not only do more residents realise the value of parkour and become practitioners, but also the wider community is becoming more aware that it is a legitimate and beneficial form of physical and mental exercise.

To accommodate this growth, the parkour community would like to see a dedicated parkour training park constructed in inner Brisbane. This would enable practitioners to train in a safe, reliable and diverse area. A number of cities overseas and Townsville in Queensland have already demonstrated how this can be done.

If you currently practice parkour in Brisbane or anywhere else, or you see parkour as a valuable discipline, please sign this petition and help us instigate the first parkour park in Brisbane.

Thank you.

Update (4 March 2011): Thank you to everyone who has signed so far. Also a big thanks to those that contributed comments. They are well expressed, varied and will help the cause. We'd like to see some more signatures so please keep letting people know about it. We're not there yet but we've made a great start. Woo-hoo!

We, the undersigned, strongly support the construction of a dedicated parkour training park in Brisbane that will facilitate the safe and effective training of parkour by residents, visitors, students and instructors.

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