Washington State Womens Prison (WCCW)
United States of America

In 1986, Washington State created the Indeterminate Review Board which took over the Parole Board.

This board only looks at people who had been convicted of a crime before 1980. Anyone after that do not get that same opportunity.

I would like the Parole Board to be re-instated so all inmates after 1980-Present can have the opportunity to go in front of them.

We, the undersigned, request that the Prison System bring back the Parole Board for all present inmates to have the opportunity to go in front of a Parole Board based on longevity, behavior and rehabilitation.

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The Bringing back the Washington State Parole Board petition to Washington State Womens Prison (WCCW) was written by rhonda reed and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.

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