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In 2003, Dortios came out with a new flavor called Guacamole Dortios, they weren't a spot on replica of Chips dipped in Guacamole dip, but it was more of a unique, guacamole hinted, wonderfully flavored dorito. They were green colored, some of them being darker colored than another. The bag was dark green or it came in a retro styled bag. As mention earlier, they were first introduced in 2003 but sadly discontinued three years later in 2006. The green chips were an awesome idea and were too good to be gone from the doritos line. The simple thought of them brings on the feeling of nostalgia!

If you remeber these favorable guacamole doritos and want them back, or even if you were never granted the opportunity to try, please sign this peition to bring them! #BBTGD

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