Twitter Inc.

Twitter Inc. – a social network company with millions of active users – is busy with a pilot, looking to increase the platform's character length.

The character length will drag to 280, doubling the current length. This leaves a plethora of space for those who don't like being creative and concise with their words.

Endless rants should be left to blogging and the likes of Facebook. We use twitter to laugh at jokes/memes, witty clap backs and to get quick updates on current affairs.

Very soon, Twitter will make the character increase available to everyone and 140 will be a thing of the past. We are capable and should swamp them with requests NOT to go through with "280"

Please tell your friends on twitter and via eMail.

You are called upon to rebuke twitter's action of permanently increasing the character length to 280.

We stand with concerned tweeps opposing this notion – unapologetically.

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