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Thursday night (1/17/02) word came down that Invader Zim has been cancelled. This is not a rumor as it has been confirmed by the Zim cast and crew: Wally Wingert (voice of Red), Richard Horvitz (voice of Zim), Jhonen himself, and various others. Nickelodeon has, as of now, not made any press release as to why, nor is expected too.
Fortunately, cancelled does not yet mean off the air. Invader Zim will still air on Sundays for an unknown amount of time.

Since production was halted in the midst of making a new season, we'll still be getting a few new episodes (including Battle of the Planets, Tak: The Hideous New Girl, and Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom). But any episode that was nowhere near complete at the time of the cancellation is scrapped. Which means we won't be seeing "The Trial" which, according to Wally, had the Almighty Tallest when they were younger. Nor will we be getting Return of Keef, Simon says DOOM, Invader Poonchy, and many others.

See If we can get it Back!!!

Invader ZIM is one of Nick's Most popular TV show.. Please try to get it back. I'm begging.

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