#Law Reform
Liberal Minister Rich Coleman and the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch

In many provinces in Canada, laws allow for restaurant patrons to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) of their favourite wine, and in Quebec beer, to enjoy with their meal as they dine out.

With the BYOB concept, restaurant patrons purchase their bottle(s) of choice prior to going to the restaurant and then hand over their alcohol to their server who then serves it to the patron as if they had ordered it off the restaurant's menu, charging a pre-set corkage fee for the service.

The advantage to the restaurant patron is that they get to enjoy the wine or beer they prefer instead of them having to choose from a pre-existing list provided by the restaurant. The advantage to the restaurant's management and ownership is that the restaurant does not have to carry a large inventory and selection of wines and beers, freeing up space and capital which may be better used in other areas of operation.

Here in BC, all signs point towards the government reforming provincial liquor laws to allow for a BYOB-style program to operate, but to this point, only wine has been mentioned as being allowed to be permitted under new laws.

We, at CAMRA Vancouver, believe strongly that craft beer drinkers should have the same rights and privileges as wine drinkers and should be allowed to bring our favourite craft beers to restaurants if laws are changed to allow for BYOB in British Columbia.

We, the undersigned, believe strongly that beers drinkers should be afforded the same rights, privileges and freedoms that wine drinkers may be allowed under any new "Bring Your Own Bottle" legislation here in British Columbia and demand that beer, as well as wine, be allowed in any future BYOB programs implemented in BC.

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