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In March 2002 the Irish government introduced a PlasTax levy on single-use plastic carrier bags (including biodegradable ones.) The scheme has been an extraordinary success, with consumption down by a staggering 95%. Prior to the introduction of the levy annual carrier bag usage in Ireland stood at 1.2 billion.

Although initally viewed with scepticism by retailers and the general public alike the PlasTax has come to be seen as hugely positive step with the investment of the funds raised through the tax in waste recycling and litter initiatives.

The Scottish Parliament has debated the introduction of a similar tax but has, as yet, not gone ahead with the scheme.

This petition is designed for the population of the UK to show the government that they want to see a levy installed on all plastic carrier bags. A figure has not been set for the levy but the initial suggestion would be one similar to that in Ireland i.e. 10 pence.

It will be presented to the Prime Minister.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of the United Kingdom to introduce a levy on all single-use plastic carrier bags (including biodegradable ones) within all retail outlets in the country. If it works in Ireland, it can work in the United Kingdom.

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