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Back in the 80's, My Little Pony was simply something amazing for the young girls who loved it. Ponies had brushable hair pretty eyes, and even accessories for themselves. Young girls would love to brush their ponies' manes and tails, day dreaming about their friends.

They kept evolving more and more, but even so they still had the same mold. Flutter Ponies, First Tooth Ponies and Big Brothers are just a few examples. They were still loved, because they still had the original goal of amusing kids without the goal of placing the toys dusting in a shelf.

Now we have the G4 My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. All of the ponies were completely changed, simply because of the ability for the animators to bring the ponies to life. Now they have nothing to do with the vintage ponies, the ones that made a part of our childhood, and many of us have our hearts broken.

I know we should be open to changes, but this much? Based off of marketing purposes?

Are you one of those fans who have followed the My Little Pony show ever since they were in their primitive state, back in the 80's? Did you love to collect them all and brush their manes, and buying them separately with a pretty comb and an information card?

Everything was beautiful back then, ponies were simply fascinating and even the show brought you to the fantasy and magical world of ponies.

Now what kind of ponies do we have?

We have My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Ponies are now abominations with huge heads and eyes and tiny bodies, and the plot they live within is completely based off of a marketing strategy. The ponies changed to let the animators work freely without the need to deal with the vintage ponies, that were so basic but amazing back then.

Everybody seems to love MLP:FiM, and many even ask questions like "Why does Sweetie Belle have a cutie mark?" when they watch the G3 show. For many, My Little Pony is only and only Friendship is Magic, and they seemed to have forgotten how beautiful My Little Pony was when we were kids!

So if you like the vintage ponies better than the new horrifying ones, sign this petition so that Hasbro can bring the old pony figurines back!

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