The X Factor Production Team
United Kingdom

Joe McElderry's success on the X Factor has highlighted one important thing - the X Factor auditions don't come to Newcastle!

Tony Horne In The Morning on Metro Radio spoke to Joe about this - and Joe is fully with us - he's joining the fight to bring the X Factor 2010 auditions to Newcastle - but we need your help too.

Quoting Joe: "There's lots of talented people in the North East. A lot of my friends are singers and are amazing so I think they should do auditions in Newcastle." Hear Joe talking to us here: http://filesocial.com/o1r59m

TV companies work well in advance, so we need to get this campaign up and running now so that we can lobby the producers in time!

You can listen to Tony Horne In The Morning, weekdays from 6am and Sundays from 10, on Metro Radio.

We, the undersigned, call on the X Factor producers to bring the X Factor auditions to the talented part of the country - the North East!

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