#Media Issues
Robert Dickey at Gannett, McClean Virginia
United States of America

Loyal subscribers to the North Jersey Media Group newspapers enjoyed the local stories written by the local correspondents who represented our area.

We chose these papers to not only educate ourselves on world and national news, but the news of our neighbors, local businesses, schools and athletes.

We do not appreciate the way Gannett has transformed the award winning paper into a cheap looking rag. It has not gone unnoticed that in order to cut costs, the paper is smaller, the type is smaller to fit more content, yet the white space and photos are also larger to avoid added content. And much of the content has been replaced by ads.

We miss our local reporters who have been replaced by national reporters who are on the Gannett payroll.

And ironically, these cost cutting measures have alienated your subscribers and have caused us no choice but to cancel our subscriptions.

We, the locals and loyal subscribers who helped the Bergen Record and sister papers win awards would like you to bring back the original format and content, of the Bergen Record, which had substance., character and heart.

If we wanted a USA Today at our doorstep, we would have subscribed to that years ago.

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