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Kotaro Uchikoshi is highly regarded in the West for creating the Zero Escape series, however the title he is most well known for in Japan is Ever17: The Out of Infinity. Praised for its deep, emotional storyline and mind blowing plot twists that stand right alongside what the Zero Escape series is known for, Ever17 was the start of Uchikoshi's popularity.

Ever17 is the second title in the Infinity Series, a series of suspenseful Sci-Fi Visual Novels where casts of characters are trapped in strange locations against their will as they try to figure out the truth and escape.

The Infinity Series consists of:
Never7: The End of Infinity,
Ever17: The Out of Infinity,
And Remember11: The Age of Infinity.

There is also 12Riven: The Psi-Climinal of Integral, another title by the same creators meant to be the start of a successor of sorts to the Infinity series, but unfortunately it didn't take off.

Recently, Spike Chunsoft announced that they would be willing to localize Kotaro Uchikoshi's other previous works if they saw enough demand for it from Western Audiences. So, let's show them we care!

We hope that you, Spike Chunsoft Inc., will see the interest Western Fans have in experiencing more of Kotaro Uchikoshi and Takumi Nakazawa's brilliant works outside of Japan. Thank you!

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