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We brought Chuy's to Tennessee, now let's bring Taco Cabana! The Fiesta Restaurant Group has closed all its Pollo Tropical locations in Tennessee and are turning them into Taco Cabanas but are excluding the Nashville market. Let's change their mind and show them Taco Cabana has a home in Middle Tennessee! I have also reached out to Taco Cabana through their website to plead our case:

"I read an article in my local newspaper about the Fiesta company recently closing all Pollo Tropical Tennessee locations. The article states that some of those locations will be turned into Taco Cabana locations; however, that excluded the Nashville market. If this is true, would you please consider turning some of the middle Tennessee locations to Taco Cabana? My fiancée is a Texas native and introduced me to your chain in 2014. We LOVE it. Every summer while in Texas we go as often as we can (which is every day and sometimes twice)! His immediate family lives in Nashville as well and we would bring all of our friends to your establishment. Please consider bringing Taco Cabana to middle Tennessee! And if necessary please feel free to forward this to whom ever needs to see it. Thank you! -Taco Cabana Deprived"

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We, the undersigned, call on the Fiesta Restaurant Group to convert closed Pollo Tropical locations in Middle Tennessee to Taco Cabana establishments, or open Taco Cabana locations throughout the Nashville Market.

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