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Throughout history, men have always demanded two things for contentment. First, a good job to put food on the table for him and his family.... and Second, for that food to be tasty, affordable, fast food.

We the youth of Boston see that fit for our us as well, yet we are forced into the consumption of some of the most vile provisions a dollar menu can offer. We lack choices, we lack flair, yet are forced to lick our lips in awe every time we turn on the television set to gaze upon the countless commercials promoting the delicacies of fast food establishments foreign, to the likes of our neighborhood.

The replacement of our Taco Bell with a Starbucks at BU central was the last straw. We will stand up for what we believe in and soon enough, we will again be making that run for the border, that we all know and love!

All around the country, good, law abiding American citizens get to enjoy the wonders of Combination Taco Bell/KFC restaurants and we, the youth of Allston, have a dream.

That dream is to experience those wonders with the rest of the country, and truly become part of the true American Dream. We propose the merging with Taco Bell of our current KFC located at 30 North Beacon St here in Allston.

The corporation has done this all over the county already, why not in our own backyard?! .89 cent bean and cheese burritos to all, and to all a good-day.

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