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Ever wish that all thOse TV networks wOuld broadcast 'SWEET VALLEY HIGH' again, so that thOse of us who didn't get a chance to watch (moreover, tape) the episOdes frOm all 4 seasons, would be giVen a chance to do so again? And what abOut those who haVe already taped them frOm the TV...? Don't U wish that U cOuld own quality episOdes; instead of the prObably worn-out viewing perfOrmance U have frOm watching this FABULOUS prOgramme again and again...Over n over...
Well here's our chance, Let's get this BRILLIANT TV shOw on DVD-Let us get what's riGhtfully ours--IT's our time to own this shOw on DVD 4eVer!

Sign the petitiOn and let us get as many Signatures as we can to help get SWEET VALLEY HIGH on DVD.

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