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Super Junior has now become one of the most spoken-about Asian pop-group here in Dubai, and all of their fans are dreaming of the day when they finally decide to come to the said country.

Since we know that Dubai is not in the list of Asian countries I would like to ask that they come, visit and perform because they have fans here too, who are dying to hear and watch them live. Even if only for a short while.

We, the fans of Super Junior here in Dubai, U.A.E, ask that the group perform in the mentioned country.

The Super Junior group has been on tour for a while and we would like Dubai to be included in the Asian tour as they have fans here that dream of seeing them perform live but know that it would be almost close to impossible. And we go for the impossible.

It would also give a chance for Super Junior to be known world-wide! So, start with us!

Thank you and please sign!

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