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Spider-Man is a big part in the MCU and they already made this character so involved in the MCU, you can't just take him out it wouldn't be right. Spider-Man has a big mentor in Tony Start and they can't have him stop talking about him out of nowhere. There's so many character that are already in the MCU's version of Spider-Man that wouldn't be there like Happy Hogan, he is now helping Peter Parker out with the super hero gig. It wouldn't be the same without these characters mentoring Peter Parker. Us as fans want the MCU's version of Spider-Man to continue. We will never see another Spider-Man movie like the ones in the last few years if we don't do something about it, So by signing this petition it will be telling Sony and Disney we want Spider-Man in the MCU.

We need Spider-Man in the MCU! Hopefully by making this Petition and by you guys signing it, Sony and Disney would do the right thing and bring Spider-Man back to the MCU for the millions and millions of fans.

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